HIIT High Intensity Interval Training using a Vibration Board

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If you have ever found it difficult to stick to a HIIT program which is high intensity interval training with periods of intenser exercise and longer periods of low intensity exercise.

Walking is the easiest and with a friend even better. Timeglass ios app has added a timer that talks to you to let you know when to start your intervals, which is awesome!! It has some setting flexibilities, and is free, so give it a try. I think you will love it.

Weather is not always permitting or time, so my new best friend is my vibration board. Unwilling to spend upwards of $1000 I found one for under $200 that I am totally happy with. You can learn about this vibration board on Amazon linked here.

I work at home currently, so I use my vibration board at my standing desk. When I am not exercising I put my grounding mat on top of it and just stand on it. So this is a convenience, I can just remove my grounding mat, grab the remote and turn on the board and my HIIT timer. The board itself stops after 15 minutes, so I just restart it with one push on the remote and it starts up again.

For HIIT training on the board I use the inner section of the board for lower intensity and the outer area for high intensity and it is working on great! I track my muscle mass through cronometer & Withings scale. My muscle mass increased by 4.6 lbs in 7 days! UPDATE: my muscle mass fluctuates, but is always above the average ranges of 62%-73.5%, so yay!!

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