Bentonite Psyllium Colloid Detox

I have been reading some on detoxing and want to try this one, I will write updates once I try this out on how it works for us.

8 oz water or juice
1 tsp bentonite clay (can work up to 1 TBS)
mix until clay is completely dissolved
add 1 tsp psyllium powder (can work up to 1 TBS, mix thoroughly and allow to expand before drinking.
2 doses per day
1 30 minutes before breakfast
1 30 minutes after supper

CLAY: The absorbent properties of clay bind with metals and toxins and other potentially harmful substances when mixed with water.

PSYLLIUM: An all natural fiber that when mixed with water, swells up, creates slipperiness then acts as a lubricant that “pushes” matter along.

COMBINED: These 2 natural substances work great together! The Bentonite Clay absorbs the toxins and Psyllium husks scrubs out the corners of your intestines.

Corrects digestive disturbances like acid reflux, constipation, bloating, gas, etc. and promotes regularity.

Use any time your system feels sluggish, you feel heavy or bloated, or you are even slightly constipated or as part of your seasonal detoxing.

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