Egg Yolk Soup

So, in the colder months soup is a must and it can be so healthy, like a smoothie. Bone broth, lots of veggies, mushrooms, brown rice, lentils, onions, garlic. The combinations are endless.

And how do we get enough choline in our daily diet? Two raw egg yolks get you pretty close to what you need. I struggle with raw egg yolks, dipping toast in them is pretty much out with going keto.

So today, instead of cooking my eggs and eating them with my soup, I separated the yolk from the white and put the yolks in the bottom of my empty soup bowl. The whites can be cooked and added to the bowl with the raw yolks or saved for cloud bread, meringue or other baking.

Back to the soup, so with a spoon mix the yolks at the bottom of your bowl then ladle your soup over top, stir together and you have a creamy smooth base for your soup and you have not lost the benefits of your yolks by cooking the goodness out. Win, Win!!

So, stock up on you favorite organic broths and start cooking!!

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