Smoothie Seven Veggies Daily

It is so difficult to get your recommended amount of daily vegetables. What can we do? Lets break down an easy way to get your seven or more servings. Vegetable powders are a great way to get more veggies into your daily routine. You can fit way more veggie powders into your smoothie than fresh. Powders that are dehydrated do not lose much nutritional value. Smoothies are not just for fruit.

Example from fresh/powder:

1 teaspoon Organic Spinach Powder = 1/3 cup fresh Spinach

So, who would want to drop down a teaspoon of spinach powder? Not me!!

Smoothie concoction to the rescue:

  • Greens powder – organic and choose at least 3 to rotate so you are not giving your body the same thing everyday
  • Taste – organic: ginger, cocao, lemon, vanilla, stevia, monk fruit, sea salt (all low carb and low sugar)
  • Liquid – water, coconut milk
  • Fiber – organic: 1 TBS flax seeds, 1 TBS chia seeds, 1 tsp psyllium – soak seeds overnight to reduce lectins
  • Fat – cocoa butter, mct oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, butter/ghee(grass fed)
  • Blend – the vortex created during blending makes the water content structured

This is a basic, easy start to creating your first smoothies.

Greens powder blends

There are many on the market and you can get flavored ones also. Pay attention to the ingredient list and the carb amount.  Low carb, low protein is key to your health and longevity. Also, organic is going to give you the best nutrition content. Organic also helps you stay away from GMO’s and pesticides.

If you garden and have the time you can dehydrate your own veggies. Grind them to a powder to add to smoothies and other things.

How much greens powder you put in your smoothie? Start with the serving size on the package.  Try to up it a little at a time until you have the amount you are happy with. The goal is to get a taste you enjoy so you will easily make smoothies your daily routine.

Basic Healthy Smoothie How To


It is tempting to put loads of fruit into your smoothie to up the flavor. But, this can add a lot of carbs you may not want. So, sticking to the flavorings listed above will keep your carb count low.

Make ahead

Sometimes you cannot be home to blend up your smoothie, so you will need a way to keep it as close to freshly made as possible. If you have mason jars there are vacuum sealers that work beautifully with them and will keep your smoothie the freshest until you are ready to drink it up.  Also, keep it cold.

Final Tips

  • Even though it’s a smoothie, chewing is recommended – enzymes from chewing help with digestion
  • Give thanks, be mindful, and genuinely enjoy your smoothie
  • Share your smoothie recipes online and with friends and in the comments below!

Now smile, shop for some greens powders to try, and if you don’t have a blender, get one as soon as possible!!

Check out the Organic Broccoli Ginger Smoothie, a great smoothie to start with and will give you many feel good health benefits!

Also, check out the new growing list of ingredients you can add to your base smoothie for healing and health – Healing Healthy Ingredient List





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